About Us-History

Brief Introduction

Louis & Charles is composed of the former staffs of Louis International Law Firm possessing substantial IP experience, language skills (English and Japanese) and expertises with various scientific backgrounds, including Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, Biotechnology, Accounting, etc. In 2009, Louis & Charles became the only designated member of Mackrell International in Taiwan. Furthermore, Louis & Charles is also members of International Trademark Association (INTA), Asia Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) and other international associations. This enables Louis & Charles to integrate various international legal experiences around the worldwide members so as to render more suitable service within short period of time and with reasonable charging. Louis&Charles comprises Louis group and Charles group. Louis Group specializes in domestic and international IP (Patent, Trademark and Copy Right) exercise, enforcement, management, litigation, licensing, transferring, consulting, Competition Law related issues, Trade Secret related issues, etc. Charles Group is composed of the staffs of Far East Law Offices, practicing in different fields including Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects issues, Government Procurement issues, including Military Procurement, Construction issues, Labor issues, Trust Law issues, domestic and international Corporation issues, Business Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate management, International Trade issues, etc.


Louis & Charles was renamed from Louis International Law Firm, which was divided from the legal department of Louis International Patent Office, a well-known patent office possesses more than 40-year experience in Intellectual Property. In order to combine various legal expertise so as to provide a more comprehensive service, Louis International Law Firm have been executing a strategic alliance with Far East Law Offices, which was founded by Charles Ya-Wen Chiu in 1979 and possesses more than 30-year experience specializing in Civil Commercial Law. Since November 12, 2014, Louis International Law Firm was changed into Louis & Charles so as to remark this strategic alliance consisting of Louis Group and Charles Group. Now, Louis & Charles have become an integrated group with a wide variety of specialties especially in Intellectual Property and Civil Commercial Law. Louis & Charles will keep striving to include other expertise so as to implement one-stop legal service for our clients and dedicate our capability to the community.


In order to be more professional and capable of matching up the business trend of large-scaling and diversification, we have provided various services in different areas from the beginning of the foundation. As backing up for economic development, we integrate domestic and foreign talents and make the most effective specialization in response to client’s demand. Louis & Charles has various specialties in IP, Civil Commercial Law, etc, which can provide a full range of service and assistance to our clients in time according to their business strategy. In this critical moment of traditional industries transforming and new industries rising, Louis & Charles will be an active promoter and create prosperity with all participants.