IP Prosecution in China

As an international and integrated law firm in Taiwan, a branch office of Louis & Charles was established in Shang-Hai, China in 2003 which has been providing service for IP prosecution ever since and capable of IP exploitation in the whole China for client’s need.

Patent Prosecution

Shang-Hai branch office of Louis & Charles is one of the most prominent IP firms in Shang-Hai and is widely acknowledged for its superb expertise in securing patent protection.  The services of Shang-Hai branch office include patent licensing, providing validity and infringement opinions and the preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications with the Intellectual Property Office in China.


Trademark Prosecution

Shang-Hai branch office of Louis & Charles provides clients with professional advice and opinions concerning the adoption and use of trademarks, service marks, trade names and the licensing litigating of these valuable properties.  Moreover, Shang-Hai branch office provides searches with professional opinions and practical investigative assistance regarding the use of potentially conflicting marks.


Copyright Prosecution

Shang-Hai branch office of Louis & Charles is capable of providing profound opinion and service for copyright enforcement, maintenance, exploitation, licensing and registration in China.