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To remember the founder Mr. Chen Tsanhui, registration of “Chen Tsanhui memorial scholarship” is now open in Graduate institute of intellectual property, National Taipei University of Technology.

Mr. Chen Tsanhui who has devoted in inventing was an alumnus of department of Electrical Engineering,Taipei Institute of Technology(Now is National Taipei University of Technology). He achieved several patents both in Taiwan and abroad and launched the first invention exhibition of Taiwan and invention-related TV program. Moreover, he founded the vacuum pot slow cooker on 1963, and its patent was sold to Fairwind in Taiwan, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Japan. He was the first person who sold the patent to abroad successfully.

At that time, due to the lack of conceptions of IP rights, Mr.Chen’s vacuum pot slow cooker was counterfeited, which urged him to devote in the promotion of intellectual property and drawing attention to invention. Mr.Chen was selected to study in the Institute of Intellectual Protection,Japan Patent Office. After returning to Taiwan, the Intellectual Property Office of MOEA had asked for his advice, which has facilitated the development of IP-related regulatory regime. Mr.Chen had been invited by NTU, NTNU, NCTU to give lectures of IP. The first IP course was set up by him. On 1972, Mr.Chen founded the Louis International Patent Office which has been providing IP service for 45 years since then. He has been called the mentor of innovation and the pioneer of intellectual property in Taiwan.

“Chen Tsanhui memorial scholarship” offers 160 thousand NT dollars each school year to encourage students to study IP courses. It is open since 1/20, and the application is until 3/20. Please refer the link.

Link: http://iip.ntut.edu.tw/files/14-1109-66630,r947-1.php

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