Louis Group x EDN innovation x TXA private board of directors

It is honored that Louis Group was invited to be the supervisor of Innovation edn x TXA private board of directors. Louis & Charles attorneys at law,Partner, Raymond Yu and Louis International Patent Office, Deputy managing partner, B.J. Pan were present at it while they provided professional advice on innovative and legal areas.
Guest On Board Members:
Fupei Wang , Managing Director, Ogilvy Public Relations
Independent Director:
Toshio Sugano, Industrialization Director, Nanoelectronic Technology Division/ Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories
Rich Lee / Senior Strategy & Technical Consultant , IBM
Yvonne Chen / Parter , WI Harper Group
Quentin You/ Chief Business Officer , Atelligent Global Consulting Corp.
Raymond Yu , Parter, 遠東萬佳法律事務所 Louis & Charles Attorneys at Law
B.J Pan , Deputy Managing Partner, Louis International Patent Office
David Pan, COO, KPMG Enterprise

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