Louis Group x Red Dot Design

Today, when being distinctive is important, protecting the uniqueness of a design is necessary, as the unique look invites look alike through imitation. Design patent provides greater security to designers while facing the capital market competition. And Louis Group is honored to be invited to ‘Red Dot Design Salon’, to share our global intellectual property experience and provide a guideline to fight against piracy.

In the era of design piracy, skill and innovation must be partnered with a security of design for successful commercialization. In order to encourage young designers to learn more about design patents, the Louis Group sponsors the applications of 10 of the 2017 Red Dot Winners’ design patents and will also provide a free consultation to boost the commercial success of designers.
Time: 6/28(Wed.) 14:00~17:00
Taiwan Red Dot Design Executive Director Joy Wen-Hsuan Cheng
Louis International Patent Office Managing Partner J.W. Cheng
Louis International Patent Office Consultant Raymond Yu

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