TXA Independent Director of the private board

Louis & Charle’s, Partner, Lawyer Yu was invited by TXA 創新加速器 Innovative as an Independent Director of the private board of entrepreneurs.

Currently, There are four highly potential startup teams , through the simulation of the board meeting to understand the legal challenges may face.

奇銳科技 Mirax Technology Corp.
BXB 卡訊電子股份有限公司

客座董事長:章慶誠 / 總經理, 新加坡祥峰創投
客座獨立董事:陳儀雪 / 合夥人, 美國中經合創投
客座獨立董事:朱裕誠 / 總經理, 杰成商務
客座監察人:俞伯璋 / 合夥律師, 遠東萬佳法律事務所
客座監察人:高逸欣 / 會計師, Deloitte勤業眾信聯合會計師事務所
2016/11/24 誌於創業家私人董事會-台北會所
2016/11/24 @TXA Taipei Clubhouse

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