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Patent Maintenance Expenses and Risk Control
Raymond Yu, Managing Partner
Due to elevating attentions on patent rights in recent years, the number of patent applications filed by corporations has increased every year. However, the patent maintenance expense has also increased geometrically. Most corporations include the patent maintenance expense in their budget for patent application, so when they obtain more and more patents, the patent maintenance expense will gradually supplant the patent application budget.
The solutions are: (1) increase the budget, (2) reduce the amount of new patent application, (3) patent trading or licensing, and (4) give up less important patents.
Solution (1) is not realistic, because increasing budgets will always be a bottomless pit if the company is not going to introduce a patent monetizing operation. Solution


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IP Prosecution in China

As an international and integrated law firm in Taiwan, a branch office of Louis & Charles was established in Shang-Hai, China in 2003 which has been providing service for IP prosecution ever since and capable of IP exploitation in the whole China for client’s need.

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