Louis Group x ASVDA

Louis Group invited Innoviz, our startup client, a joint venture between Vietnam and Taiwan, to visit the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency in Taoyuan City.

We’re pleased to have the opportunity to share our intellectual property experience and the CSR program STARTBOARD with our Deputy Mayor Wang Mingde, Deputy Director Chen of Taoyuan Economic Development Bureau and Director Chen Jiajun of the Youth Affairs Bureau.

The first youth foundation of Asia-Silicon Valley Project, “MR. Andong”, will develop the somatosensory technology such as AR / VR / MR and build an R & D-based innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Louis Group is very proud to be one of the mentors of MR. Andong, together with the city to help startups and build a smart city in Taoyuan!

Louis& Charles: https://www.facebook.com/louisilf/


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